Agriculture changed the face of the world – there were regional fares reliant on local farmers to provide food. Cuisines slowly started developing around the world and every area developed its own unique taste based on what was local to that country.

While farmers were busily providing bodily nourishment for individuals and communities, Yogic practices were being established for physical, emotional and mental sustenance. These practices were passed down traditionally and are still carried on to this day.


We have a diversely populated Toronto surrounded by rich farming lands, which blend together with the city and bring about a fusion that can be considered a modern interpretation of traditional dining practices. This focus is gently shifting towards sustainability and healthy eating habits.

The city is also brimming with yoga studios that have evolved from traditional practices to contemporary interpretations of yoga,which are increasingly focused on encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Yoga Practitioners today fully believe in the spirit of giving back, which has had them travelling far and wide in search of volunteer opportunities. This act of giving is becoming fundamental to the nature of yoga and what it means to people.

We believe that the next stage in Toronto’s cultural evolution and lifestyle will be to  amalgamate a modern interpretation of tradition, healthy living and social consciousness.

This is exactly the reason why we created Yogalicious Toronto.


O.N.E. – Only Now Exists was a community based organization that was created in 2012 to help build a value-based school in Ebe, Nigeria. Today there are over 200 children at this school, many of whom are underprivileged. since 2015, O.N.E. has been challenged with a big task: re-orienting its vision to help take yoga off the mat and bring karma yoga or selfless service based activities into the community. With the advent of Yogalicious Toronto that same year, O.N.E. has been able to refocus, redirect the cause under the umbrella of a new brand vision. There has been a huge need recognized by the supported school in Ebe, Nigeria to feed children who come from neighbouring villages with hungry stomachs and fall sick at the school and are unable to focus on education because of improper nourishment.

O.N.E. has now been able to successfully reframe it’s branding by organizing a single mindful event branded as Yogalicious Toronto. Just as recycling efforts  minimize waste, the events that Yogalicious Toronto organizes will address multiple needs with simple ideas that create conscious value. We hope to generate creative transformation and impact at all levels: Children around the globe, Local Farmers, Local Restaurant owners, Local Yoga Instructors, Local Yoga Practitioners, Foodies and Health Conscious people from Toronto around the world visiting this amazing city.


“Does it get any better than this?”


Think global, Eat Local, Act Ethical.