Laura Klamot

Web Design Mage

Laura is a Toronto native who graduated from the Interactive Digital Media specialist program at the University of Toronto. She is a lover of digital art and video games, and works in user experience design.

Lauren Furman

Branding Sorceress

Lauren Furman grew up in a small mining community in North Western Ontario called Red Lake. She attended the Ontario College of Art and Design University for Graphic Design, and now resides in Toronto where she works as an artist and designer.

Mike Clark

User Experience Wizard

UX practitioner and unabashed generalist, avid cyclist and mediocre bike racer, comedy of errors in the kitchen, enjoys rocking out on occasion.

Gabriela Ituarte

Owner & creator of yummy recipes at Maizal

Gabriela Ituarte has an educational background in communications and community work. For the last five years she has managed projects related to sustainable, traditional, and local foods. She opened Maizal 3 years ago and  works directly with Ontario farmers  to find ways to support and encourage sustainable farming, purchasing, and transporting techniques and to use the restaurant a  channel to connect people to food and traditions.

Ivan Wadgymar

Co-Owner & Super Corn Farmer at Maizal

Iván Wadgymar graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. He has spent the past 6 years working on organic farms in Ontario and during the last 3 has dedicated much of his research on maize cultivation.  He has conducted extensive research on the subject in both Mexico and Central America, where small-scale maize plots are predominant and form a millenary tradition.

Genevieve Claron

Photographer & Supporter of all things awesome

Alongside being a professional photographer and a super mom, Genevieve is highly inspired by all the passionate people she meets. 

When we asked her what her passion was, Genevieve said, “Travelling really fuels my imagination. I like to visit museums and galleries, I’m fascinated by the focus, intention and determination required to pursue artistic endeavour. I’m equally fascinated by more mundane labors of love.  Chefs at work, artisans and gardeners using their hands, engaging all of their human potential to create, construct, build. Nature is where I go to recharge my batteries. The slower rhythm of nature is a beautiful invitation to ponder and reflect. You will see the biggest smile on my face when I’m canoeing, hiking, or swimming. 

Vikram Sainadh

Founder & happiness seeker, Yogalicious Toronto

Vik is a proud daddy to a happy pooch, a social entrepreneur, a certified Yoga instructor, a motivational speaker, a tea enthusiast, a UN volunteer and the ideator behind Yogalicious Toronto. Outside of his work at the University of Toronto that involves coaching people, teaching yoga and helping students succeed, he loves to travel to a new country each year while giving consciously to children, adults within local communities. His most recent passion revolves around building natural homes while preserving the environment.

Vik has taught yoga internationally in Costa Rica, Canada, India, Japan, England, Thailand, Laos & Mexico while working with underprivileged chidren, adults alike. He hopes to be able to keep spreading the spirit of yoga through creative initiatives such as Yogalicious Toronto. Vik asserts that, “Bringing mindfulness into every aspect of our being, is an essential recipe for creating value and impact everywhere we go.”

Bipin Poddar

Financial Advisor and Pizza lover

On his day job, Bipin works as the financial controller for a large telecommunications firm in Toronto and is a man of few words with high integrity. While he is not working, he becomes a full time dad to his two lovely little children. When asked what describes him the best, Bipin says, “I am most present when I laughing with friends. I love being able to leave things better than I found them.”

Be-Nazeer Damji

Legal Advisor & Cultural Embracer

Be-Nazeer Damji is a lawyer based out of Toronto with a background in French literature and economics. Raised in Rwanda until the age of 12, Be-Nazeer is an avid traveller and considers herself a modern day “urban nomad”.

Outside work, Be-Nazeer enjoys travelling, tennis, yoga, discussing current political affairs over a glass of wine or a cappuccino. and discovering new cultures and perspectives. “By deepening your understanding of others, you are in a position to set aside your differences and promote a pluralistic society” 

Father Charles Ogada

Founder, SSAI & and Inspiring Leader

The Tea Garage

The Official Tea Supplier full of smiles